Dinosaurs [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

During the lead up, we decided to visit my sister and her family in Calgary. We had anticipated that it would be a welcome break after working really hard for a month or two. As I’ve bellyached in other posts about Mother Nature, I’ll just skate past this one today.

Hanging out with the wee folks.


And then Drumheller. This was a bucket list thing for me, which my loving husband indulged. It is the craziest thing – you are driving across the prairies when the road turns down into a valley, and you are there. We left Calgary after an amazing breakfast (thanks Mom)

Being a ‘museum’ person, I am always interested in the ‘meta’information – how the displays are arranged and conceived, how traffic flows, lighting etc. This museum does not disappoint. It is clearly a working museum (they have a huge gravel pit out back, where I assume they just grab rocks from time to time to make huge discoveries)

Dinosaurs !!




And then we drove home. My friend Lisette told me that she thought the prairies were terrifying and desolate (oh folks from Ontario) I don’t get it. No one can sneak up on you – isn’t that the best?

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