Interference [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Over the summer, we’ve witnessed a strange phenomenon. Folks will call us up for a quote – perhaps some trimming, or a removal. And as we walk through the yard, listening to the homeowner describe the job, we’ll point out the elephant in the yard – trees interacting with either the roof/shingles, gutters or power lines. What we’ve heard is ‘I hadn’t noticed that.’

Many foundation problems actually begin with your gutters and downspouts (just ask Mike Holmes) – and the job of cleaning gutters – filled with leaves, bugs, which is composting in place, can be time consuming and tricky for a homeowner. So we buy those gimmicky eavestrough covers (do they work?)

One of the best things you can do as the homeowner for the health of your shingles, gutters and foundation is to ensure that trees close to the foundation are removed or trimmed back and that any branches that are overhanging a roof or roof section be removed.


Here is an overhanging branch that is actually growing underneath the shingles.

Look around your yard or neighbourhood – can you see examples of interference?

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