Storm Warning

Here in South Western Manitoba, we’ve reached monsoon season. We have had a lot — I mean A LOT – of water. Besides the flooding and general state of emergency that was declared, super saturated soil is trouble for trees. Why?

When the last storm came through, we saw twisted and ripped apart trees. The winds were so strong, the weaker trees broke apart.

What we are seeing now is that the trees are simply lying down. We are seeing a lot of maple trees. They generally grow fast, and big, then die.

we were not out of our pajamas when we got the call early Sunday morning

three very large clustered maple trees fell apart and away from each other

Fallen trees are a really challenge. When we do regular tree removals, we operate from experience and know-how. When a tree has fallen or is hung up on a roof section, what we have is what Chris likes to call

a spring loaded death trap


20140702-142316-51796168.jpgthere is nothing to tie into and we were doing this removal in the rain, which we normally would reschedule

We got to pull out a lot of the super tools, that we normally don’t get a chance to use.


we attached a come along, which is a kind of winch to lift the stub off the roof. You do not know if it is under pressure – trees can be unpredictable when they are on their sides

20140702-142739-52059212.jpghere a farm jack lifts the tree off the roof. The ground was so soft, it took a 12 inch log in the ground before the jack managed to get the log off the roof


We worked for ten hours to make these homes safe. The first maple was approx 70 feet long (not tall – see what I did there?) the second was 60 feet long and the third was around 50 feet long.

After we finished at 8:30pm, we went to visit two more homes. But that is a story for another day.

If you need help because there is a tree on your home, call Chris and Reta of Bee EZ Tree Service at 204-730-0368

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