Lights, Camera …. Leaves?!?? [BrandonMBTreeService]

I have been alluding to a secret mission over the last month – in the social medias. Implying covert arboreal arts is what I was doing. So now it’s time to spill the beans!!

IMG_1620.JPGnormally we’d put this wood through the chipper

We actually had a chance to work on a real deal movie!!! How did this opportunity fall in our laps? Years ago, Chris worked on a few projects. Currently, there are several projects being filmed in Winnipeg. Chris’s oldest and dearest friend called and offered us the gig. We got the urgent tree pruning jobs done, watered the plants, emptied the fridge and jetted into the city. Between the two of us, we were the Greens Dept. After meeting so many people, we began introducing ourselves as “Chris and Reta Greens” what exactly is Greens? We were responsible for the leafy green matter on screen. This led to hilarious challenges like how to make a couple of Christmas tree forests when virgin prairie had existed before and discovered the ancient art of reattaching branches.

IMG_1678.JPGChris and I had a ton of fun talking like olde tyme movie producers – here is how we gots the tree to stay put

Additionally, we raked leaves. And then we raked more leaves. Then the day when we raked even more leaves. My love affair with my aluminum landscape rake continues.

spooky leaves

This was my first movie and it was so nice to be welcomed into the art dept family. It was very exciting to part of this project. Everyone was really gracious, and answered all my newbie questions and Chris had a chance to catch up with his friends.

The first two weeks in the city – we were thrilled. Cafes, shopping, the sights, the sounds – then we remembered the traffic, the construction. And boy, were we happy to be home to our own bed!

IMG_1727.JPGlook at this beefcake! Movie magic!!

IMG_1617.JPGand we got to meet this sweet pup

Once the movie comes out, we will post pictures of the sets we dressed, as well as links to our imdb pages!

If you want to be treated like a movie star, call Chris and Reta – Arborist to the Starz! 204-730-0368

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