Shelter Belt Pruning

 We love the technical challenges of working in town – around fences, homes, wires – it is deeply satisfying to take a tree apart safely and improve your yard. We use ropes and pulleys – remember those simple machines from when we were kids? Yep, we use those everyday (also a ramp or incline plane for loading and unloading the stump grinder, but I digress) 

Every once in a while though, it is lots of fun to go out to the country and take care of a lot of trees in one day. 

We are able to chip in place, if you would like mulch cover around your trees. We can load it up in our dump truck and leave it anywhere on your property, or take it to one of our chip loving farmers! 

Call Reta today at 204-730-0368 if you have a technical challenge that needs solving or a shelter belt that needs some attention. 

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