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Ahh the weather!

What a cold and dreary week! With gusty winds and drizzle, it is tough sledding up in the tree.

My birthday was Monday and while I was enjoying the lovely weather, twice in life I couldn’t ride my birthday bike because of snow. And more times that I remember, May long gardening plans have had to be postponed. So I usually haven’t fully committed to the summer season until at least June. 

My great grandfather saw snow in Manitoba every month except August. But he lived to be 105. 

But Chris is still having fun!

If the weather is affecting your trees, call Reta at 204-730-0368

And try to stay warm out there! 

Blue Skies!! Right around the corner

The recent warm spell afforded us a rare opportunity – elm pruning at the beginning of the season. You see, the rules of elm pruning are pretty strict, to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. So between April 1st and July 31st – it is forbidden to prune elm trees (removal is still allowed)

Normally we are still in the thick of winter at the end of March and most people are still trying to stay warm! 

But this year! What a great winter! And the lovely warm spell! 

Call Reta today at 204-730-0368 to book elem pruning for August, generally marvel at the weather, or talk about the trees in your yard. 

Shelter Belt Pruning

 We love the technical challenges of working in town – around fences, homes, wires – it is deeply satisfying to take a tree apart safely and improve your yard. We use ropes and pulleys – remember those simple machines from when we were kids? Yep, we use those everyday (also a ramp or incline plane for loading and unloading the stump grinder, but I digress) 

Every once in a while though, it is lots of fun to go out to the country and take care of a lot of trees in one day. 

We are able to chip in place, if you would like mulch cover around your trees. We can load it up in our dump truck and leave it anywhere on your property, or take it to one of our chip loving farmers! 

Call Reta today at 204-730-0368 if you have a technical challenge that needs solving or a shelter belt that needs some attention. 

DIY Homesteader Festival – June 6th, 2015


In my spare time – pause for laughter – I teach traditional food courses. Everything from how to make probiotic sodas to sourdough bread to fermented vegetables – you can do it at home, and I can show you how! I will be presenting a workshop on Fermentation 101 with my lovely colleague Danielle Nykoluk! Fermenting vegetables is an excellent way to make a tasty and probiotic treat for the whole family, as well as diversify your food storage options.

Beets Kimchi Prep

And a special surprise to all festival goers – my super awesome husband Chris Saborowski will be teaching a Pruning 101 course as well as demonstrating Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance! Chainsaws are an amazing tool for a homesteader to have and enjoy – but they require a little love and know-how! With the highest mass to power ratio of any machine or tool, a chainsaw is an excellent addition to the homesteader toolbox!


If you’d like to learn how to ferment veggies, or how to prune trees or you’d like us to come and have a look at your yard, call Reta at (204) 730-0368

August 1st is around the corner and you know what that means ….


Why now? Well, here in Manitoba, we have a nasty little pest called the Elm Bark Beetle. If you were to prune an elm tree during the ban (which runs from April 1-July 31st inclusive), these beetles would be attracted to the fresh wounds and potentially carry the fungus with them. The “old-kick-them-while-they-are-down” routine.

As are many of the problems nowadays, the Elm Bark Beetle was imported on a load of logs and brought the problem to our continent from Europe. If you would like to read more about the history of Dutch Elm Disease – from its modern discovery to its ancient ancestor – click here! Read more

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