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Bee EZ Tree Service is based in Brandon, MB. We serve Brandon and surrounding area. We like to think of ourselves as Manitoba’s #1 Husband and Wife Arboreal Team. We enjoy a challenge, and are prepared for tree pruning and removal, brush chipping and stump grinding.

Urban trees have a hard life – from competing for enough water and sun and impacted roots under concrete and asphalt – we aim to make their life a little easier. Pruning for health, growth and fruit production are important aspects fo tree maintenance.

Chris Saborowski is the lead hand, with over twenty years in heavy construction. He made the jump to the arborial arts and enjoys the experience of scampering up 60 feet into a tree, and standing where no other human has. Chris is a licensed arborist. When he is not enjoying the dulcet tones of the chainsaw, Chris enjoys reading, bike riding and fishing. As a first time dad, Chris is making big plans to take his family camping this summer.

Reta Saborowski historically was in charge of lifting the heavy things and feeding branches into chipper, nicknamed “Chippy.” Reta is now in charge of quotes, paperwork and quality control. With Isobel, her partner in crime, you will see Reta making sure that everything goes according to plan in your yard. As a first time mom, Reta’s hobbies now include sleeping, and reading books with pictures.

As a small family business, we know that our word is our reputation. We take pride in doing to the very best we can for your family. Safety is not just regulations or equipment for us – it means that we come home at the end of the day. We are honoured that you trust to take care of your trees, stumps, bushes and hedges!

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  1. Hi Reta. Have a bunch of photos taken of Chris taking the tree down beside us. If you want them I could send them. Also considering getting a tree almost as big, trimmed down. We dont want it right down as it gives good summer shade but it could be made to look better! Cheers/Bill

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