Bee EZ Tree Service

We make your outdoor space safe and beautiful

Locally owned and operated, we are an enthusiastic team made up of skilled, hardworking professionals


What We Do

Technical Tree Pruning and Removal We are able to safely prune and remove trees in tricky spots, that heavy equipment cannot reach.

Stump Grindingwe are able to safely and completely remove nasty stumps that are in the way of your landscaping plans!

Photo by Jillian Creaser

Prompt Storm Damage Assessment and Response – We work with your insurance company or can set up a payment plan. When you need us, we will be there.

Meet us better

Bee EZ Tree service by the Numbers


new positions created in 2020


cubic yards of wood mulch diverted from the city landfill to be used by farmers and gardeners


combined years of experience in arboriculture


satisfied customers

Why You’ll Love Us

We work with homeowners to create beautiful outdoor spaces over time

  • We love trees!
  • Highly trained, experienced crew
  • Committed to Safe Work Procedures and Equipment (PPE/PPA)
  • Prompt Estimates
  • Our Clean Up will wow you!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Absolutely the best”

Bee EZ combines skilled, intelligent and well equipped arborist professionals, with a good natured candor from each member of the crew…when together on a project they have a synergy that is just amazing to watch.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Super Team”

Bee EZ Tree Service did a professional job, taking our huge blue spruce and big ceder down. Then grinding the stump and roots out completely. I was very impressed on, how clean they left the site. I would recommend them to anybody.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Extremely Knowledgeable,”

Fantastic to deal with, answered all of my questions, friendly staff and incredibly tidy!! Very reasonably priced. I would recommend them without hesitation!!


The Log Blog

Follow our adventures…

  • Urban Trees and their Unique Challenges
    Urban trees face unique challenges compared to trees in the wild. Traffic, root compaction, road salt, and the effects of temperature variations influenced by concrete and asphalt are just the start, but the number one problem I see is rightContinue reading “Urban Trees and their Unique Challenges”
  • Before the Storm
    One of the things we hear a lot is that a tree has become too big. Often sad, because if we had been here sooner, there are pruning strategies that we could have employed. Having said that, this front yardContinue reading “Before the Storm”
  • Topping is evil
    We recently had a storm event that resulted in a lot of damaged trees throughout Brandon and the Westman area. With few exceptions, the reason that these trees failed was because they had been previously topped. I am not talking pineapple on pizza (which is delicious) or sprinkles on ice cream (literally the worst) Read on to find out what topping is, why people have done it in the past, and what you can do differently to take care of your trees.