A day at the lake [Brandon Tree Service]


We are ready !! After a mid summer conference/vacay that was supposed to be a break, instead of just the start of the year, we are in the thick of it. Tree jobs lined up for the foreseeable future.


Chris doing the spiderman between two trees. My more dramatic suggestion was to chop and drop but Chris is a consummate professional, even when his partner (me) got sun poisoned and some broken branches imbedded his tummy.


Yes we can head out to cottage country. We offer fair rates and all we add is travel time. We do not however add any sort of fuel surcharge or mileage within 30 mins of Brandon. It seems silly to us.

Call us for your fall time paradise clean up !! (204) 730-0368


  • Erstwhile assistant and photographer! How multi-talented!

  • Chris and Reta are complete professionals. These were our trees that they cut down and it was a challenging job with all of the hydro wires, cabins, cars, fences and other obstacles around. The trees were cut down quickly without any issues/damage. They were always checking with us to make sure the job was being completed as we wanted. When the stumps were being removed, we were asked if the depth suited us….putting the client in the driver’s seat! I would highly recommend EZ for any difficult or challenging tree cutting.

    • Thank you Alison !! It was a lot of fun meeting you and Ray and helping bring your cottage plans a little closer !! Maybe we’ll be back next year for some hot tubbing !!

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