A-spider-in-the-sports-bra kind of a day


After all the excitement of recents storms, and working in the blazing heat, it was very nice for a little light drizzle yesterday. I’m a little light on pictures, because I didn’t carry my phone all day (my pockets were too wet)

We got to do one of our favorite things – country yard clean-ups. There are often a lot of trees in older country yards. Not only are these trees often of deep sentimental value, but they were usually maintained very well. What happens over time is that these trees get bigger and bigger, and then you need bigger gear. Solution? You make a list of what you would like to see in your yard by the end of the day – in order of importance – and we race around trying to make it happen.

We started off the day hauling the biggest logs ever into the convenient burn pit that the homeowner had on her property.


We also got to prune. I love pruning. Looking through the overgrown branches is like looking through time – through the life of that particular tree. You can see injuries, previous pruning efforts, and you can see how the tree interacted with other trees. We like to think of nature as peaceful and bucolic – when in fact, nature is ruthless. Trees are fighting a constant battle for sunlight and water. If you look up into the canopy of a tree and are all the dead branches, this isn’t because your tree is sick or dying. It is because your tree does not want to put any effort into branches and leaves that do not produce nutrition for the tree. So cool.


I love pruning apple trees. Generally long lived, apple trees are often gnarly and a titch cranky. But we can turn that around. I favor Japanese inspired Bonsai shapes (I’ve loved bonsai since I was a child) At this time of year, the apples are out. The homeowner offered us some apples – woo woot apple wine!! You know who else loves apples? Apparently spiders. Big fat daddy long legs. Hence the title of this blog post.

Then we cleaned up a few downed maples trees from recent storms, pruned a few elm trees, and we were rewarded with ham and cheese sandwiches and homemade pickles. Donna was a great customer – she helped me pick my apples and was really fun to work with.

Do you have a lot of big country trees? Call us for a quote and we will see what we can do for you.

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  1. So true – Nature and trees are ruthless in their efforts to grow and survive! Hope you got the spider from the sports bra without incident!

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