Stump Grinding

There are few things more irritating than trying to get a mower around a buried stump. Abandoned stumps can be dangerous – a trip hazard, deadly for mowers, and they can harbour pests such as rodents and insects, who will use that gnarly stump as a beachhead before invading your house.


Get rid of it !! There are many old tips and hints about how to get rid of a stump. Pour gasoline on it (ahh – must have been when gas was cheaper) Or used car oil. Or boiling water. Drill holes in and set it on fire (that surely won’t end in tears)

My late father-in-law had a saying something like “right tool for the right job”

The number one safest and best way to rid yourself of a stump is mechanically. Which means to cut it up and dig it up. Whew. I feel exhausted just thinking that. Do you want to spend your few (nice) days off this summer fighting the good fight against a stump?

We have two stump grinders – we haven’t met a stump we couldn’t remove yet! Why do we need two stump grinders? Excellent question. The advantage of the SC30 is that is a heavier duty machine, so we are done and cleaned up sooner, allowing you to get back to enjoying the short summer we have here. Faster, and easier on the operator as well. Whereas the Alpine Magnum is nimble, and looks like a video game weapon! Oh and it can get into tricky, hard to reach places!

We will choose the right equipment for your stump!

Meet the Alpine Magnum


The Alpine Magnum is a lightweight, portable stump grinder, that can get into tricky spots that other grinders cannot. Stump in a flower bed? No problem! Stump in the backyard, beside the fence? Still no problem.

Rumour has it that someone took one of these up in an elevator, to a 10th floor sunroom/arbotorium and ground a stump up there. I have yet to see the video, but I am told it it exists.

Meet the SC30 – the Workhorse

Because we have to give everything hilarious nicknames, the Vermeer SC30 with AutoSweep has become “Otto Von Stumpy”

Call us today for a quote on your gnarly stump – and enjoy your summer days !

Chris and Reta

One thought on “Stump Grinding

  1. Totally agree with stump removal! Apart from the new rodents and insects that they might harbour, they could also be carriers of infections from the tree that way removed, especially if the roots are still infected. Stump grinders are a brilliant way to remove stumps. However, sometimes solutions have also worked to kill the stump and then get to removal, depending on the difficulty involved based on the stump’s size and age. Nothing like leaving it to the experts though!

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