Tree Removal

Some folks assure me that they love trees, when asking for a quote about how much it will cost to have a tree removed.

True confession time.

We love trees too !!

Trees are great. The quiet presence of trees in your yard can create a refuge from today’s busy world. They can protect your home from the heat of the sun and the effects of wind and weather.

Trees can also be quite destructive. Planted too close to a foundation, tree roots can weaken the structures that under-gird our homes, while filling our eaves-troughs with leaves and other debris.

We would much rather prune a tree, to ensure a long and healthy life. But regular tree maintenance can be tough for homeowners – trees keep on growing! Maybe you want to spend your weekends having fun! When we get the call, the tree may have already become a nuisance.

Chris climbs trees, and belts in. When removing trees, he uses tree spurs (spikes on his boots), a lanyard, and a life line. He uses a double system to ensure a safe and smooth working pace. Removing trees in this way means that we are able to do tree and branch removals in tricky spots, where other equipment may not be able to reach. We use ropes and pulleys to lower branches safely and under control. Simple machines for the win!!

If you want to talk trees in awkward spots, call Reta at 204-730-0368





2 thoughts on “Tree Removal

  1. Trees are helpful in so many ways…but they can also be a danger to someone’s safety if not handled properly…

  2. We have worked with Bee EZ a few times now and they are always prompt, professional and do an amazing clean up job! They just removed a huge ash tree from our yard and not a single plant in the adjacent perennial bed and vegetable garden was damaged. Great company to work with!!

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