A frosty spring [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

We’ve had a rough start to the year. Any time it snows on my birthday (May 9) – you know you are in Manitoba.

However, we’ve been busy bees, getting ready for when the sun cracked through the clouds and melted all the snow.


Like trying on hats.


Digging up cattails with Laura Reeves to make pancakes – check her out – http://www.psbotanicals.com/ We learned how to forage for tasty treats, how to identify several plants, and make a lovely meal. It was a great day !


I was having a great day – in my parka – in April. Oh well.

Then we got down to it. Chris completely rewired both trailers, got our new to us truck safetied, and continued to tune everything up. By the time spring sprang, boy were our cannonballs shiny.


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