A day at the farm [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Ahh what a beautiful day to spend in the country. One of my oldest and dearest friends has found herself a little piece of heaven and has us over for a little of that special help only a chain power saw can provide.


A neat surprise was a healthy bloom of giant mushrooms – in a circle. I wish I’d had a Laura Reeves with me – from Prairie Shore Botanicals to tell me if I could eat them. You know what they say. All mushrooms are edible – once. [Editor’s Note: confirmed poisonous – do not eat these mushrooms. RC]


A big part of our day was cleaning up trees that came down during some of the wind storms we’ve been having.

Action Jackson !!


THEN CHRIS FOUND A MOUSE !! Ok seriously adorable. However, he found it while flush cutting a stump – which brought to mind that book we read when we were kids which of course meant that Chris resettled the mouse in a very nice log pile. Aww what a sweet man.

All in all – a fine day. With big take downs, no climbing, and lotsa chainsaw fun !!

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