The Forty Acre Forest [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

During the heat wave, we thought it would be a good idea to head to out of town and save a little cabin from some too close trees. We also had the chance to do a very technical removal.


One of the toughest things a chainsaw will ever encounter is metal in a tree. Because humans are wont to stick laundry lines and nails and many other sorts of thing into trees, one must be always mindful. We ask ourselves, what is around this tree? What was this space used for? And we use our eyeballs.


I’m not so sure what this was for. People – don’t stick metal stuff in your trees !!!

Now for the tricky removal …

A large branch of an oak tree split off and was caught by the crown of a nearby tree. This is a potentially dangerous situations. In the biz, we call unsupported branches, waiting to fall on your head ‘widow makers’ No good.


Chris was game to climb up 30 feet, tie in, and then ‘walk the plank’ where he proceeded to free the crown. I stood in the shade and drank ice tea with the homeowner.


All in all – a fine day. It was nice to do some work in the shade, on a really hot day. It was lovely to catch up an old friend and enjoy a tasty repast.

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