A great day [Brandon Mb Tree Service]


If you follow us on Instagram – you may have already seen Chris lightsabering I mean, hedge trimming. All that comes to mind is Star Wars. People – take care of your cedars. The inside of cedars are the old/dead branches, meaning the actual life of the tree exists only in the tips. Regular prunings maintain shape and health.

This was a really fun job. We got to do some pruning, half a dozen removals, more pruning. It was a nice steady day with few surprises.


This was a close call. I thought it was only afterwards that he realized how close he had been – he knew exactly where the chainsaw was in proximity to the fence. Someday I hope I’m that good at something. Oh wait have you tried my pulled pork? Bc I am that good at that.

I was not on hand to get pictures – but I’m told that when Chris cut a lateral (meaning parallel to the ground) branch, he found it was not falling. The culprit was a healthy Virginia Creeper vine, that acted more like rope. He took a second cut and the branch – cradled in the vine – swung towards Chris and hit him in the hand. Chris says

I never believed that Tarzan could swing on vines – after today, I’m starting to think its possible.

There you have it, folks. Tarzan – not a myth !!

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