Weather to call it [Brandon MB Tree Service]

Chris and I both have heavy construction backgrounds. Working with excavators, loaders and dump-trucks requires attention to the weather that most people underestimate. I’ve worked in rain, hail, snow, blazing heat, and freezing winter – but it all depends on the job of the day. Spreading gravel on a shoulder of the road, on an incline? You better hope it’s dry and hot. Putting in new sewer or water lines? We worked through every kind of weather, because people need water!!

With tree work, it is sort of the same idea. I can stack logs and chip branches in nearly any weather, while it is obviously more pleasant around 25 degrees with a nice breeze. Things start to get tricky once we put Chris in a tree. His enemies in the tree are wind and water. I trust him to tell me when things are not safe.

We rarely call jobs on account of weather. Maybe we have been lucky – I do not want to jinx it.

You definitely do not want a windy day when you are on the end of a kabob skewer

So call us for a friendly quote – once you are on the schedule – you are locked in.

Reta and Chris


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