Oh the things we will find [Brandon MB Tree Service]

Grinding stumps is a kind of archeological excavation – but thru wood instead of rock. We look at the rings and sometimes we count them. Notice included discarded branches from the old days and marvel at the difference in size from year to year. Sometimes we make up prospector voices and talk about back in ‘ot nine.

But mostly we are amazed at the crap that is included in stumps.


today’s special: golf ball, wire fence, angle iron, large piece of concrete

We tend to think of trees as peaceful, pastorally framing, even zen. But make no mistake. They are fighting a battle of life and death – in the branches and in the roots.

Other stump discoveries




bed hardware – wasp nest – holes

So remember boys and girls – keep junk away from your trees. Remove Christmas lights, do not lock your bike to a tree, do not install a laundry line.

Call Chris and Reta for a prompt quote on how to deal with your arboreal archaeology at 204-730-0368

And for good measure, check these out!!




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