Getting Started in 2016

What an incredible year it has been. When I look through old blog posts, I see all the yards we have improved, the homes we have made more safe – things are getting better all the time.

Clearing branches from roofline and eavestrough

We took on some really big jobs this year.

So many logs!!

Three easy steps

It has been busy! Chris finished up the year with the Baker Street Irregulars – a group of helpful folks who like to spend their days off lifting heavy logs in the weather.

We are getting all geared up for this year. Chris is doing equipment overhaul, painting things, organizing – we have new gear!

I also see that – like most bloggers – I have been remiss in posting. There are a few reasons for that, primarily that I was not on the job last summer as much I had been in previous years. Did I still help out?

8 months pregnant – grinding stumps


Chris and I welcomed our daughter Isobel on September 22, 2015. She is hilarious and magical.     She is my little buddy – my tiny partner in crime. And she accompanies me on all my quotes. So if you’d like to meet my newest favorite person, book a quote today!

So whether you would like a yard assessment, you already know what you’d like done, or you just want a chance to meet the newest member of our team, call Reta at (204) 730-0368

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