Do you got the back lane Blues?

If you are like many Brandonites over the past few days, you have received a letter from the City of Brandon indicating that your trees or hedges are encroaching into the back lane! Well, there goes the long weekend beer money!

Does your back lane look like this? You may be in violation of the City Bylaws, making life difficult for garbage trucks and other vehicles!

I have contacted the city and they have told me that everything needs to be cut back to the property line, thirteen feet up. Depending on what is hanging into the back lane, this may be a simple branch prune or removal. And it may be a more complicated endeavour.

In this expertly drawn diagram:  

A) would need to be cut back at least to the fence line (ideally to the trunk of the tree for the health of the tree);

B) these lilacs would need to be removed completely – to the property line. Luckily, lilacs and many hedges are quite robust, so their haircut may be funny looking for a year or two, but they will recover.

C) Unfortunately, the branch leader that supports all the growth above the 13 ft mark crosses through the box, meaning we would have to remove the entire thing;

D) Can stay! Any growth over the 13 ft mark can stay and keep growing!

The best thing that I can suggest is to give me a call and I can come by and have a look. I have a tape measure (used to be a carpenter!) and we can figure out how to bring your yard into compliance.

Reta @ 204-730-0368


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