Urban Trees and their Unique Challenges

Urban trees face unique challenges compared to trees in the wild. Traffic, root compaction, road salt, and the effects of temperature variations influenced by concrete and asphalt are just the start, but the number one problem I see is right at the very beginning. Trees in the urban environment are often planted in the wrongContinue reading “Urban Trees and their Unique Challenges”

Tight spaces and catching branches

We recently had the opportunity to remove a spruce tree that was cuddling the power lines! After a quick hair cut from the MB Hydro crew, Chris and I got to work.  It was actually a pretty hilarious situation. There was not enough room to use rigging.  Oh you read that right.  Solution? I caughtContinue reading “Tight spaces and catching branches”

Do you got the back lane Blues?

If you are like many Brandonites over the past few days, you have received a letter from the City of Brandon indicating that your trees or hedges are encroaching into the back lane! Well, there goes the long weekend beer money! Does your back lane look like this? You may be in violation of theContinue reading “Do you got the back lane Blues?”

Blue Skies!! Right around the corner

The recent warm spell afforded us a rare opportunity – elm pruning at the beginning of the season. You see, the rules of elm pruning are pretty strict, to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. So between April 1st and July 31st – it is forbidden to prune elm trees (removal is still allowed)Continue reading “Blue Skies!! Right around the corner”