Before the Storm

One of the things we hear a lot is that a tree has become too big. Often sad, because if we had been here sooner, there are pruning strategies that we could have employed. Having said that, this front yard maple was rocking and rolling through the high winds of early summer. It was slated for removal.

How do we take a tree down? We definitely have a bag of tricks (or a toolbox, if you will) to respond to all of the unique situations that we encounter. A lot of people think we cut the tree at the base, yell “TIMBER” and then clean up the mess. Well, we are urban arborists, not deep forest loggers. We take trees apart like broccoli – one delicious stem at a time!

Can you find the man in the tree? (Is a fun game that will keep you on your toes, and your climber safe!)

Sometimes, we remove trees. But all the time, we create more sunshine (or at least, room for the sun to get through) If you would like more sun in your front yard, call Reta at 204-730-0368 or fill out the handy QUOTE FORM

In the meantime, get ready to quiz Reta and the crew with 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Arborist or Tree Service !!

PS Glad to say we got this tree down safely before the tornado that hit. Very relieved homeowners!!

3 thoughts on “Before the Storm

  1. I like your comment “Sometimes, we remove trees. But all the time, we create more sunshine”. Sometimes it’s hard to detach yourself from a tree, especially if it’s still alive. But when it’s causing damage to your home or a hazard for your family you have no other choice. Way to look on the bright side! 😉

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