Urban Trees and their Unique Challenges

Urban trees face unique challenges compared to trees in the wild. Traffic, root compaction, road salt, and the effects of temperature variations influenced by concrete and asphalt are just the start, but the number one problem I see is right at the very beginning.

Trees in the urban environment are often planted in the wrong spot.

Thirty year old tree, cut down, trying to sucker into a new tree

I know what you are saying. With all the other challenges facing trees, where we plant is the biggest influence on them? A very empathetic yes. All other troubles a tree may face through its life flow from the initial decision to play it too close to a driveway or road. Perhaps it was planted too close to a back fence (and endured two decades of line clearance pruning) Maybe it was planted in the burlap, or tarp, or with a root wrapped around itself – meaning it was only a matter of time before it girdled itself and now is standing twenty five feet tall, stone dead.

I am inspired by trees on a regular basis. Trees react to over pruning or topping (Want to learn more about topping?) with epicormic growth – rapid deployment of leaves, continue turning sunshine into sugar. Trees turn sunshine into nourishment – how amazing it that? As Jeff Goldblum famously said in Jurassic Park so many years ago, life will find a way.

If you would like to explore the challenges of your urban trees, or avoid the first mistake by choosing the best species and spot for your yard, call Reta at 204-730-0368 or GET A QUOTE!!

PS Get ready to quiz Reta or any other arborist by reading 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Arborist or Tree Service

3 thoughts on “Urban Trees and their Unique Challenges

  1. Your image sits close to home. When a tree is getting shoots from the base like that, it is a sign that it is seriously struggling. If you are unsure of what to do, it would be best to consult with a qualified arborist.

  2. Research is a good thing in every major step you want to take. Your blog did a good job indicating some of the things we should be on the lookout for when taking care of trees overall. I will use the things I learned here for an easier life when deciding what to do next time. You answered some important questions for me. Thanks!

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