Tight spaces and catching branches

We recently had the opportunity to remove a spruce tree that was cuddling the power lines! After a quick hair cut from the MB Hydro crew, Chris and I got to work.  It was actually a pretty hilarious situation. There was not enough room to use rigging.  Oh you read that right.  Solution? I caughtContinue reading “Tight spaces and catching branches”

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Arborist or Tree Service

**UPDATED July 6, 2020 to reflect changes in MB Provincial Licensing Rules How do you know if the tree service or arborist you are hiring is up-to-snuff? How can you protect your home and family from injury and liability? Ask questions! Do some research! Here is my list of questions that I encourage people toContinue reading “10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Arborist or Tree Service”

Call Before You Construct

In the past few years, we have started working with some of the developers in town, principally doing lot clearings before a house is demolished to make way for new constructions. This has been great. Chris and I both have a heavy construction/renovation background, so being a part of a new¬†construction project is a naturalContinue reading “Call Before You Construct”

DIY Homesteader Fest – June 24, 2017

We are back by popular demand! (Someone must like us…) Chris and I will be attending the DIY Homesteader Fest, on June 24, 2017, in Teulon, MB. This is an every-two-years festival, bringing together a really neat group of people, to learn, and share skills. Chris will be teaching you how to make nearly anythingContinue reading “DIY Homesteader Fest – June 24, 2017”

These chips don’t go with dip!

We get this question a lot. “What do you do with your wood chips?” “What do you do with your logs?” The first step is to offer these materials to the homeowner – it is your tree/hedge/bush after all, even if we have feed it through our chipper. Wood chips can be useful to mulchContinue reading “These chips don’t go with dip!”