DIY Homesteader Festival – June 6th, 2015

In my spare time – pause for laughter – I teach traditional food courses. Everything from how to make probiotic sodas to sourdough bread to fermented vegetables – you can do it at home, and I can show you how! I will be presenting a workshop on Fermentation 101 with my lovely colleague Danielle Nykoluk!Continue reading “DIY Homesteader Festival – June 6th, 2015”

Getting Started – Spring 2015

Has it been a long winter? I cannot tell. The last day of work in 2014 was on November 15th, which was not overly uncomfortable temperature wise. The more challenging part of working late into the season is the diminishing sunlight. By the end of the year, we’ve been accustomed to 14 hours of daylight,Continue reading “Getting Started – Spring 2015”

The New Year Review 2014 [Bee EZ Tree Service]

What is there to say about 2014? We cut, we pruned, we ground stumps – we made the world a safer, more attractive place! And we had fun doing it. FLORIDA !! The first fun adventure – right out of the gates, was a long-awaited trip to Florida. Celebrating Chris’s 40th birthday with a bigContinue reading “The New Year Review 2014 [Bee EZ Tree Service]”

Lights, Camera …. Leaves?!?? [BrandonMBTreeService]

I have been alluding to a secret mission over the last month – in the social medias. Implying covert arboreal arts is what I was doing. So now it’s time to spill the beans!! normally we’d put this wood through the chipper We actually had a chance to work on a real deal movie!!!

Into the Heart of Darkness

One of my very favorite things about my job is that every day can be a new challenge. Pruning an older fruit tree, complicated rigging to safely drop a tree that is close to a home or power lines, picking up really heavy (like super heavy) logs – are new opportunities to learn from eachContinue reading “Into the Heart of Darkness”

August 1st is around the corner and you know what that means ….

IT IS TIME TO PRUNE THE ELM TREES !!! Why now? Well, here in Manitoba, we have a nasty little pest called the Elm Bark Beetle. If you were to prune an elm tree during the ban (which runs from April 1-July 31st inclusive), these beetles would be attracted to the fresh wounds and potentiallyContinue reading “August 1st is around the corner and you know what that means ….”