The New Year Review 2014 [Bee EZ Tree Service]

What is there to say about 2014? We cut, we pruned, we ground stumps – we made the world a safer, more attractive place! And we had fun doing it.


The first fun adventure – right out of the gates, was a long-awaited trip to Florida. Celebrating Chris’s 40th birthday with a big trip was a goal of mine for many years. We did EVERYTHING! From South Beach, Miami to a cruise to the Bahamas, from Disney to Kennedy Space Centre – Coral Castle and the Everglades. We made memories to last. Which is good. Because due to some technical problems, we lost a lot of our pictures from the past year – and as the official photographer, this is particularly difficult.

IMG_0405 Holding up the world’s biggest orange. Ain’t no big deal for a beef cake like me!


Visiting was special – because we endeavour to lift very heavy things all the time. To learn about how Edward Leedskalnin constructed a castle from coral – well, it is truly something to behold.



Chris rehabbed the chipper – taking it apart, replacing parts, giving it a snazzy new paint job. We believe a clean truck drives better – what do you think?

Some people may think that upkeep and maintenance of equipment and vehicles is boring. Not really the stuff of the highlight reel that I am concocting right now. But the truth of it is, the reason that we are able to perform to such a high degree is the Chris makes sure our gear is tight. We obviously still have challenges from time to time, but he is very knowledgeable about each and every piece of gear that we use on a regular basis, as well as some of the guest stars that show up from time to time. For example – all the toys we rolled out for …


The big news about 2014 were the storms that ravaged Brandon and surrounding area. We were there – first thing in the morning. If you’d like to refresh your memory, have a read here. Or the recap here. On Sundays. Why did the storms always hit on the weekend? I don’t get it.

IMG_0559 IMG_0499IMG_0520IMG_0512

The damage was incredible. The combination of excessive rain, combined with winds was simply too much. It was like something out of an action movie. Which is, of course, foreshadowing to further down on this post.



This tree is in a tricky spot – in an elevated backyard,   

This is pretty neat – we have a machine that can take stumps out of planter beds.


Voila! A new garden canvas for a happy homeowner.



Action movie summer foreshadowing – Chris and I got a call up to Hollywood of the North. If you’d like to read the original, click here. It was a crazy month – being back in Winnipeg, trying to remember how to get around the city, shopping, ethnic restaurants – awesome-ness.

Since we’ve been home, we took care of all the customers who were patiently waiting for us while we gallivanted around the city. I’ve (Reta) been puttering around the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on a cooking course that I will be teaching shortly. Chris has been working on equipment and doing some projects around the house. And of course, we are already planning for next year (Dear Mother Nature – I really want to go camping at least once. Please?)

We’d like to thank all our customers and friends for making 2014 such a great year. There were some challenges. Oh boy, were there! But we grew as a couple, as a business, and I think we deepened our capacity. Which is a win.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2015! Call us today at 204-730-0368 to have a look at your yard and get us scheduled for this summer. As long as we can see the yard from the window. Because it is minus 40 Celsius here. Which is cold.

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