Getting Started – Spring 2015

Has it been a long winter? I cannot tell. The last day of work in 2014 was on November 15th, which was not overly uncomfortable temperature wise. The more challenging part of working late into the season is the diminishing sunlight. By the end of the year, we’ve been accustomed to 14 hours of daylight, and we fill them all with log hauling, branch chipping, tree climbing and equipment maintenance (sadly for me, not quite enough time was spent in front of the computer, doing data entry, so as spring rolls in – I am at the computer, furiously working on getting “the paperwork” done) It definitely feels like February is the month to miss, and in coming years, I may start earlier to convince Chris we need to head south of the border! Luckily, February 8th is his birthday, and I think it would be nice for him to have a warm vacation every year!

We’ve had our faces pressed to the window for the last few weeks, monitoring the level of snow, the precipitation forecast, and the temperatures. Because we are ready to roll out! The chainsaws are oiled up and the fuel tanks have fresh fuel.

What kind of a year will it be? Hopefully, we can avoid the destruction and damage of the Storm season of 2014. May the tree work be planned and scheduled, not because you woke up to find a tree on your house!20140717-134156-49316166.jpg

In recent years, we have seen snow on May long weekend, and Chris once had to mow the lawn in March. Whether it is just a result of crazy Manitoba weather or climate change, we try to roll with whatever Nature has to throw our way.

I say this every year, but I hope this year I get to pick more apples. And I really want to go camping at least twice. So let’s really plan to not have crazy storms that get in the way of Sunday brunch and camping!

The phone has already been ringing – and we are starting to schedule some tree fun. So whether you would like a yard assessment, or you already know what you’d like done, call Reta at (204) 730-0368




2 thoughts on “Getting Started – Spring 2015

  1. Fingers crossed there are no weird storms! Although they were kind of good for your business….

  2. The weather is not friendly, yet. I also have a lot of plans this year and It’s regarding the weather condition. However, If it’s not possible to go outside, I can cancel some and prefer to do some activities indoor.

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