DIY Homesteader Festival – June 6th, 2015


In my spare time – pause for laughter – I teach traditional food courses. Everything from how to make probiotic sodas to sourdough bread to fermented vegetables – you can do it at home, and I can show you how! I will be presenting a workshop on Fermentation 101 with my lovely colleague Danielle Nykoluk! Fermenting vegetables is an excellent way to make a tasty and probiotic treat for the whole family, as well as diversify your food storage options.

Beets Kimchi Prep

And a special surprise to all festival goers – my super awesome husband Chris Saborowski will be teaching a Pruning 101 course as well as demonstrating Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance! Chainsaws are an amazing tool for a homesteader to have and enjoy – but they require a little love and know-how! With the highest mass to power ratio of any machine or tool, a chainsaw is an excellent addition to the homesteader toolbox!


If you’d like to learn how to ferment veggies, or how to prune trees or you’d like us to come and have a look at your yard, call Reta at (204) 730-0368

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