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Pruning 101

I was asked today what was the scope of our business.

I said, “Well, we do tree removal, including technical removals – which basically means trees in tricky places that cannot be reached by bucket truck. We also do stump grinding (removal) and branch chipping. But our favorite thing is pruning. It is both and art and a science – how to make a tree look like a tree.”

Pruning is one of the ways that arborists and homeowners can manage the health, shape and safety of a tree over time. Just like you and I need to trim our toenails, and get a haircut – trees, hedges, and bushes need some maintenance too. Now there is not a tree spa, where you get drop off your trembling aspen or your boxelder (AKA Manitoba Maple) What you can do is tackle the tree on your own, or give us a call.

IMG_0323 IMG_0324

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The New Year Review 2014 [Bee EZ Tree Service]

What is there to say about 2014? We cut, we pruned, we ground stumps – we made the world a safer, more attractive place! And we had fun doing it.


The first fun adventure – right out of the gates, was a long-awaited trip to Florida. Celebrating Chris’s 40th birthday with a big trip was a goal of mine for many years. We did EVERYTHING! From South Beach, Miami to a cruise to the Bahamas, from Disney to Kennedy Space Centre – Coral Castle and the Everglades. Read more

Into the Heart of Darkness

One of my very favorite things about my job is that every day can be a new challenge. Pruning an older fruit tree, complicated rigging to safely drop a tree that is close to a home or power lines, picking up really heavy (like super heavy) logs – are new opportunities to learn from each other, and to challenge ourselves to improve. At the beginning of this year, I struggled to get our mobile stump cutter out of the trailer. It is long, heavy and awkward. Two months later, when I handily did a bicep curl with it – I looked at Chris in disbelief and said, I don’t think there is any fuel in this. It is very light. He laughed at me and said, you have been lifting a lot of heavy logs. (see above)

I also called a kettle ball a liar at Walmart. There is no way it was 15 lbs. Light as a feather. Read more

What do arborists do in the winter? [Brandon MB Tree Service]

That sounds like the beginning of a joke I would have told as a child. I used to tell a lot of question jokes when I was a kid.

We get trained up

Chris and I attended the training day in Winnipeg, hosted by Vermeer. They are one of our suppliers for gear. It was a great day, meeting colleagues, learning about innovations in our field and eating a huge lasagna lunch!!


We celebrate the holidays

We put up a tree. It was our first tree in many years. I made a paper garland for it. Happy times.


Took other classes

I (Reta) became a certified Traditional Food Teacher, so next winter, I will be teaching classes on how to make sauerkraut, sourdough and kimchi !!


And we hope

The toughest part of the winter is wondering if it will snow on May long? Will it go from minus 20 to plus 20 in two days and we will all be getting sunstroke? What will the summer be like?

Oh and we play with our gear!!


Call us for a quote today!

Chris and Reta

Dinosaurs [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

During the lead up, we decided to visit my sister and her family in Calgary. We had anticipated that it would be a welcome break after working really hard for a month or two. As I’ve bellyached in other posts about Mother Nature, I’ll just skate past this one today.

Hanging out with the wee folks.


And then Drumheller. This was a bucket list thing for me, which my loving husband indulged. It is the craziest thing – you are driving across the prairies when the road turns down into a valley, and you are there. We left Calgary after an amazing breakfast (thanks Mom)

Being a ‘museum’ person, I am always interested in the ‘meta’information – how the displays are arranged and conceived, how traffic flows, lighting etc. This museum does not disappoint. It is clearly a working museum (they have a huge gravel pit out back, where I assume they just grab rocks from time to time to make huge discoveries)

Dinosaurs !!




And then we drove home. My friend Lisette told me that she thought the prairies were terrifying and desolate (oh folks from Ontario) I don’t get it. No one can sneak up on you – isn’t that the best?

A frosty spring [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

We’ve had a rough start to the year. Any time it snows on my birthday (May 9) – you know you are in Manitoba.

However, we’ve been busy bees, getting ready for when the sun cracked through the clouds and melted all the snow.


Like trying on hats.


Digging up cattails with Laura Reeves to make pancakes – check her out – We learned how to forage for tasty treats, how to identify several plants, and make a lovely meal. It was a great day !


I was having a great day – in my parka – in April. Oh well.

Then we got down to it. Chris completely rewired both trailers, got our new to us truck safetied, and continued to tune everything up. By the time spring sprang, boy were our cannonballs shiny.


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