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After the storm

The past few weeks have been pretty epic. Here in Brandon, the flood waters are still high, folks are cleaning up after two back to back storms a week apart, and we are catching up.

Chris and I usually work 6 days a week throughout the summer. Both storms hit on Saturday nights, which meant brunchget geared up and get out there!!!

On the second storm Sunday, the calls started rolling in at 8am – I wasn’t even out of bed. Didn’t even know how bad the storm had been in the south end – I figured we’d quote on the jobs on the way to brunch. nope Read more

Oh the things we will find [Brandon MB Tree Service]

Grinding stumps is a kind of archeological excavation – but thru wood instead of rock. We look at the rings and sometimes we count them. Notice included discarded branches from the old days and marvel at the difference in size from year to year. Sometimes we make up prospector voices and talk about back in ‘ot nine.

But mostly we are amazed at the crap that is included in stumps.


today’s special: golf ball, wire fence, angle iron, large piece of concrete

We tend to think of trees as peaceful, pastorally framing, even zen. But make no mistake. They are fighting a battle of life and death – in the branches and in the roots. Read more

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