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Oh the things we will find [Brandon MB Tree Service]

Grinding stumps is a kind of archeological excavation – but thru wood instead of rock. We look at the rings and sometimes we count them. Notice included discarded branches from the old days and marvel at the difference in size from year to year. Sometimes we make up prospector voices and talk about back in ‘ot nine.

But mostly we are amazed at the crap that is included in stumps.


today’s special: golf ball, wire fence, angle iron, large piece of concrete

We tend to think of trees as peaceful, pastorally framing, even zen. But make no mistake. They are fighting a battle of life and death – in the branches and in the roots. Read more

Weather to call it [Brandon MB Tree Service]

Chris and I both have heavy construction backgrounds. Working with excavators, loaders and dump-trucks requires attention to the weather that most people underestimate. I’ve worked in rain, hail, snow, blazing heat, and freezing winter – but it all depends on the job of the day. Spreading gravel on a shoulder of the road, on an incline? You better hope it’s dry and hot. Putting in new sewer or water lines? We worked through every kind of weather, because people need water!!

With tree work, it is sort of the same idea. Read more

What do arborists do in the winter? [Brandon MB Tree Service]

That sounds like the beginning of a joke I would have told as a child. I used to tell a lot of question jokes when I was a kid.

We get trained up

Chris and I attended the training day in Winnipeg, hosted by Vermeer. They are one of our suppliers for gear. It was a great day, meeting colleagues, learning about innovations in our field and eating a huge lasagna lunch!!


We celebrate the holidays

We put up a tree. It was our first tree in many years. I made a paper garland for it. Happy times.


Took other classes

I (Reta) became a certified Traditional Food Teacher, so next winter, I will be teaching classes on how to make sauerkraut, sourdough and kimchi !!


And we hope

The toughest part of the winter is wondering if it will snow on May long? Will it go from minus 20 to plus 20 in two days and we will all be getting sunstroke? What will the summer be like?

Oh and we play with our gear!!


Call us for a quote today!

Chris and Reta

Interference [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Over the summer, we’ve witnessed a strange phenomenon. Folks will call us up for a quote – perhaps some trimming, or a removal. And as we walk through the yard, listening to the homeowner describe the job, we’ll point out the elephant in the yard – trees interacting with either the roof/shingles, gutters or power lines. What we’ve heard is ‘I hadn’t noticed that.’

Many foundation problems actually begin with your gutters and downspouts (just ask Mike Holmes) – and the job of cleaning gutters – filled with leaves, bugs, which is composting in place, can be time consuming and tricky for a homeowner. So we buy those gimmicky eavestrough covers (do they work?)

One of the best things you can do as the homeowner for the health of your shingles, gutters and foundation is to ensure that trees close to the foundation are removed or trimmed back and that any branches that are overhanging a roof or roof section be removed.


Here is an overhanging branch that is actually growing underneath the shingles.

Look around your yard or neighbourhood – can you see examples of interference?

Call Bee EZ Tree Service for all your tricky tree jobs 204-730-0368

Getting into it [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Over the last few weeks, Chris and I have put treecutting awesome-ness to the side while we try to get our building in shape for the winter. We’ve really had to get into it.

This has involved a lot more drywall than originally planned. Seemingly acres of drywall.

Add ons have included replacing aging water pipes and drain pipes. New adventures in fire alarms.


But we’re getting it done. Have no fear.

Book BEE EZ TREE SERVICE to whip your yard into shape before winter !!


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