Weather to call it [Brandon MB Tree Service]

Chris and I both have heavy construction backgrounds. Working with excavators, loaders and dump-trucks requires attention to the weather that most people underestimate. I’ve worked in rain, hail, snow, blazing heat, and freezing winter – but it all depends on the job of the day. Spreading gravel on a shoulder of the road, on anContinue reading “Weather to call it [Brandon MB Tree Service]”

What do arborists do in the winter? [Brandon MB Tree Service]

That sounds like the beginning of a joke I would have told as a child. I used to tell a lot of question jokes when I was a kid. We get trained up Chris and I attended the training day in Winnipeg, hosted by Vermeer. They are one of our suppliers for gear. It wasContinue reading “What do arborists do in the winter? [Brandon MB Tree Service]”

Interference [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Over the summer, we’ve witnessed a strange phenomenon. Folks will call us up for a quote – perhaps some trimming, or a removal. And as we walk through the yard, listening to the homeowner describe the job, we’ll point out the elephant in the yard – trees interacting with either the roof/shingles, gutters or powerContinue reading “Interference [Brandon Mb Tree Service]”

Getting into it [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Over the last few weeks, Chris and I have put treecutting awesome-ness to the side while we try to get our building in shape for the winter. We’ve really had to get into it. This has involved a lot more drywall than originally planned. Seemingly acres of drywall. Add ons have included replacing aging waterContinue reading “Getting into it [Brandon Mb Tree Service]”

A great day [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

If you follow us on Instagram – you may have already seen Chris lightsabering I mean, hedge trimming. All that comes to mind is Star Wars. People – take care of your cedars. The inside of cedars are the old/dead branches, meaning the actual life of the tree exists only in the tips. Regular pruningsContinue reading “A great day [Brandon Mb Tree Service]”

The Forty Acre Forest [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

During the heat wave, we thought it would be a good idea to head to out of town and save a little cabin from some too close trees. We also had the chance to do a very technical removal. One of the toughest things a chainsaw will ever encounter is metal in a tree. BecauseContinue reading “The Forty Acre Forest [Brandon Mb Tree Service]”

A day at the farm [Brandon Mb Tree Service]

Ahh what a beautiful day to spend in the country. One of my oldest and dearest friends has found herself a little piece of heaven and has us over for a little of that special help only a chain power saw can provide. A neat surprise was a healthy bloom of giant mushrooms – inContinue reading “A day at the farm [Brandon Mb Tree Service]”